The Best 8 Passenger SUVs

8 passenger SUVs are spacious and comfortable family cars that have made it possible for families and groups of people to travel to any destination in a single vehicle. They also have enough space to fit the passengers’ luggage. However, despite their size, these SUVs are still be stylish and safe so that the entire family can have a remarkable travelling experience.


The 8 seater SUV offers a lot of benefits that other SUV models do not have. Some of them include:

– These SUVs have a lot of space. They are designed to have extra leg room, extra head room and enough space to store luggage. Continue reading

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Reviews on SUV with 3rd Row Seating From Various Brands

Reviews on SUV with 3rd Row SeatingAll the SUVs are not provided with the facility of 3rd row seating. If you are planning to buy a SUV having seating capacity in three rows then the SUV with 3rd row seating review provided in this write up can be of great help to you.

Acura MDX:

Acura MDX The Acura MDX is one of the best midsize luxury SUVs with 3rd row seating. People buy this outstanding luxury SUV with seating arrangement in 3 rows for its strong performance and upscale cabin features. An automatic transmission and V6 engine are the other features which attract most of the SUV drivers. Its front wheel drive model offers fuel efficiency of 20/28 mpg in city/highway whereas all wheel drive model provides 18/27 mpg in city/highway which are the best in this class. Continue reading

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Top 5 Best 3-Row Suvs On The Market

Top 5 Best 3-Row Suvs On The Market written by: Andrew02 Not everybody desires a SUV with 3 rows of seating, nevertheless for the people that do its essential to form sense of whether or not that last set of housing is grown-up friendly, or whether or not they square measure additional qualified to the younger crowd. provided that 3-row Suvs frequently convey additional load area contrasted with their five-traveler equivalents, they’ll likewise provides a helpful preference to the people World Health Organization got to incidentally pull around a significant heap of equipment. At long last, Suvs with third row seating originate from a large vary of strolls of life, starting with affordable transporters and going the space up to high of the road extravagance trucks.

Continue reading

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Review of Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V 2015 Review

Honda HR-V 2015 Review

The Honda HR-V 2015 comes in a new redesigned fit hatchback. This new HR-V model will offer more space for people as well as cargo. The review of Honda HR-V shows that the vehicle has exceptional cabin versatility. It comes without the traditional compact crossover. Continue reading

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What you need to know about the Toyota Innova and Toyota Kijang Innova

Travelling with your family and friends is an activity that many love to engage in. Before starting the journey there are several things to consider such as how many will be travelling and what the cost of fuel is. Below is a review of Toyota Innova and Toyota Kijang Innova.

Toyota InnovaToyota Innova Continue reading

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Toyota Rav4 Review



Toyota revealed the fourth era Toyota Rav4. It is now wider, longer, more spacious and has likewise been given a very bold and strong new look taken from the new Auris. Additionally, it has new driving dynamics as part of the Toyota boss Akio Toyoda’s vision to add some excitement and energy into the Japanese company’s vehicles. Toyota is likewise attempting to reinvent a model that began the more diminutive segment of SUVs. Toyota Rav4 has been completely upgraded. It is presently 4570mm long and also 1845mm wide making it 205mm longer and almost 30mm more extensive than its predecessor. Continue reading

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Review of Hybrid SUV

Review of Hybrid SUV

It is usually similar to a station wagon. They can be drove on tough roads and terrain. Hence, SUVs are commonly preferred for multi purposes. Towing capability is also present in some types of SUVs. Hybrid SUV is usually a relatively smaller vehicle than a conventional SUV.
SUVs come in different varieties. Mini SUVs are usually compact cars. They are based on supermini models which are commonly known as B-Segment cars in Western Europe. Other classifications based on cargo size include Mid-size SUVs and Full size SUVs. Long wheel based sports utility vehicles are similar to full size SUV but have larger space. Hybrid SUV gained popularity due to their size and fuel efficiency.

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