Hybrid Cars and Their Prices

Of the growing concern among vehicle owners that automobiles inevitably contribute to air pollution nowadays, realization that cars have to be engineered in such a way to repress this contribution has risen dramatically. Every now and then we heard how bad the impact of air pollution is to people’s health. This situation is worsened with the fact that the amount of gasoline in the Earth is getting decreasing each day. With the invention of Hybrid Cars, most of the concern is answered successfully.

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion $19,695

The smartly combined sources of energy used in a hybrid car that is little gas and electric power is such a great leap for mankind to care for the environment. Of course, no advanced technology is cheap, especially when its invention is still relatively new, being only more or less two decades. This applies to the hybrid cars as well in terms of prices. Depending on how much concern you have for the nature, prices of Hybrid Cars can be felt a great deal higher than the conventional cars running on only gasoline. However, just as it was discussed at the beginning, the prices that are paid for a hybrid car should contribute to the reduction of air pollution no matter how small it is. If this philosophy has already been hammered into one’s mindset, the price of a hybrid car won’t be felt as costly as it was previously thought of.

The price of this type of vehicle is anywhere between US$2000 to US$6000 higher than the conventional types of vehicles. You may have already expected this since these cars offers so much more than the prices that are offered. To be exact, BMW tags its range of US$97,000 to US$88,900, with BMW’s typical performance and efficiency. Coming below the above price is Cadillac Escalade with the price of US$62,495. Offering additional oil and transmission cooler, it comes in SUV style. These two leading brands are then followed by Chevrolet Volt with $39,145, and Chevrolet Tahoe with $37,280. On the other hand, BuickLaCrosse offers an appealing price of US$29,960. The other makes offering less are Ford Escape, Ford Fussion, GMC Sierra, Honda CR-Z, and Honda Civic.

Take a look at the table below for a better price list display with picture:

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