Hybrid Cars Comparison

Car manufactures have long realized how bad the impact of chemical contained in gases emitted by cars through their exhaust pipe is. While the need of cars has never gone down, the air that we breathe is not getting cleaner each day. All mobility round the globe contributes to the decrease in quality of clean air, however, it is certainly not an easy thing to make a vehicle that does not depend on gasoline which is also known as fossil fuel.

Fossil fuel will not last long and the increased scarcity of gasoline undeniably proves this. When Hybrid Cars were invented after a long research, car users saw a ray of light of hope in fuel saving vehicles. Surely it is not too exaggerating if we say that hybrids are the future vehicle, and many people count on them as the solution to the air pollution. Today, many car manufacturers have produced Hybrid Cars now that people awareness of greener Earth is increasing. With the many products available on the market nowadays, we had better take a look the following Hybrid Cars Comparison before any decision is made.

No Make Price Fuel MPG
1. GMC Yukon $38,020 9 city / 14 hwy
2. GMC Sierra $20,850 9 city / 14 hwy
3. Honda CR-Z $19,995 35 city / 39 hwy
4. Chevrolet Malibu $21,825 22 city / 30 hwy
5. Honda Civic $15,455 21 city / 29 hwy
6. Ford Escape $21,020 20 city / 26 hwy
7. BMW ActiveHybrid 7 $97,000 17 city / 26 hwy
8. BMW ActiveHybrid X6 $88,900 17 city / 19 hwy
9. Buick LaCrosse $29,960 16 city / 26 hwy
10. Ford Fusion $19,695 13 city / 18 hwy
11. Chevrolet Tahoe $37,280 11 city / 16 hwy
12. Cadillac Escalade $62,495 10 city / 15 hwy
13. Chevrolet Silverado $21,235 10 city / 13 hwy

From the comparison above we will be able to look up for the best deal car; that is the one offering the most fuel efficiency at an affordable price. Honda as we know is trying its best to be the leading manufacturer of fuel efficient vehicles, and it shows from the table above that it offers the most affordable price for the most fuel efficient engine. With 35 miles per gallon of gasoline for city driving and 39 miles per gallon for driving on the highway, Honda may become the best deal to offer to customers at this time.

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