List of Hybrid AWD Cars

Lexus RX 450h

Lexus RX 450h

AWD Cars are cars with all wheel drive system that are environmentally aware. Those vehicles utilize less amount of gas than other kinds of automobiles or trucks. As the result of additional advanced technology, usually, the hybrid version of AWD Cars has higher price than the traditional ones.

However, by using it, drivers can make a lot of saving for long term (period) since they will reduce their frequency of visiting nearby gas stations in order to buy fuel. No wonder for those who live in the area that are mountainous and under considerable frequent snowfall, the hybrid AWD Cars are good choices to make considering their less need of gas. For its environmental friendly feature more and more people with green life awareness turn to them.  If you are part of those who have green life spirit and want to know more about the list of the hybrid versions of AWD Cars that are available today, keep reading this article.

In the list of hybrid AWD Cars, there is Ford Escape SUV that is equipped with a hybrid engine. Considering its size, the gas mileage of this car is considered advantageous.  In all stop and go situations, the gas mileage of the hybrid vehicle is 34 miles per gallon. Interestingly, when the car is moving at a low speed that is below 44 miles per hour or when it is parked, the vehicle uses no gas at all. The all wheel drive system of the car helps it all the time to keep the optimum traction.

Next, Lexus RX 450 h is the member of hybrid AWD Cars that you can think of. It is a luxury SUV that receives exemplary gas mileage for an automobile of its size. For city driving the mileage of the car is 30 miles per gallon while for the highway driving, the mileage is slightly less than that. This vehicle is certainly different from the standard ones since it does not have better mileage for highway. Furthermore, one of the most luxurious AWD Cars utilizes less gasoline for driving in the city. This Lexus RX 450 is an example of vehicle that features part time capability of all wheel drive system as well as engines of rear electric drive. This car is different from the Ford Escape since it is not designed to be ride off road.

Another hybrid AWD Cars is Toyota Highlander. This is a multiuse vehicle that introduces the all wheel drive system. Compared with other models it receives les gas mileage that is detailed with 27 miles for driving in the city and only 25 miles for running on the highway. For many

Hybrid AWD Cars enthusiasts this automobile is a definite asset especially when they have to drive in muddy or snowy conditions.

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