List of Hybrid Cars

List of Hybrid Cars

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Are you a naturalist who has deep concerns about the environment?  Then you must be aware of how the Earth is getting dirtier and dirtier every day. Especially air pollution, manufacturing process, forest clearing, and emission coming from vehicles contribute to the worsening of air pollution. Pollutant coming from cars’ exhaust pipe will in turn cause acid rain especially if things are out of control. Feeling urged to take part in the save-the-earth movement, while using a car cannot be separated from your activities every day, you should then consider buying Hybrid Cars that put forward environment and fuel economization as their platform. Combined power of a little gasoline engine and electricity engine makes it possible for a hybrid car to help you have peace of mind that you do not excessively consume gasoline whose amount in the Earth is getting less and less each day.

Being knowledgeable about which car would meet your need is probably important so as to get the best deal for your need and condition.
Whether it is a sedan or an SUV to meet your need, it is available in Hybrid Cars. Some leading car manufacturers have even anticipated this as a car of the era by manufacturing the types that would be the most chosen by customers. Below is a list of Hybrid Cars available on the market:

  1. Honda CR-Z (Hatchback)
  2. Chevrolet Volt (Hatchback)
  3. Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid (Pick-Up)
  4. Dodge Ram Hybrid (Pick-Up)
  5. Honda Civic Hybrid (Sedan)
  6. Toyota Prius Hybrid (Sedan)
  7. Honda Accord Hybrid (Sedan)
  8. Honda Insight Hybrid (Sedan)
  9. Ford Prodigy Hybrid (Sedan)
  10. BMW ActiveHybrid 7 (Sedan)
  11. Buick LaCrosse (Sedan)
  12. Chevrolet Malibu (Sedan)
  13. Ford Fusion (Sedan)
  14. Ford Escape Hybrid (SUV)
  15. Honda Civic (Sedan)
  16. Toyota Highlander Hybrid (SUV)
  17. Lexus RX 400h Hybrid (SUV)
  18. Lexus GS 450h Hybrid (SUV)
  19. BMW ActiveHybrid X6 (SUV)
  20. Cadillac Escalade (SUV)
  21. Chevrolet Tahoe (SUV)
  22. GMC Yukon (SUV)
  23. GMC Sierra (Truck)

Sedan and SUV are people’s favorite car body style for their daily activities. With this knowledge in mind, car manufacturers have the Hybrids in such body styles. Hatchback and pick-up are less chosen, and truck is the least. It’s time we thought about what we can do to participate in the green movement. By using hybrids, we expect to have cleaner air in the future.

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