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Having been the hottest issue for quite a long while, pollution problem – especially air pollution –cannot be ignored anymore since we put our next generation’s well being at stake with the earth’s air full of harmful gases emitted by our vehicles. If we keep being ignorant thinking that this issue is the government’s responsibility, then it means that we let this growing destruction happen with our eyes wide open. At this point, the innovation of hybrid cars seems like an oasis on the desert. With all of its distinctive characteristics, these types of vehicle should be able to become one of the many efforts that can be made to lessen air pollution.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars

There are many characteristics of hybrid cars that are significantly distinctive from the regular ones; among others from environment and economy point of view. To begin with, surely it is to everyone’s knowledge that a hybrid car is environment friendly emitting the least emission through its exhaust pipe. Every car undoubtedly has gas to emit when running, however, a hybrid car has very little emission compared to that of the others running on merely gasoline. Different from those running on batteries alone, a hybrid car runs on a combination of an engine of gasoline and a motor with electric power, and this is why it emits much less polluting gas than the conventional cars running on gasoline.

The second distinctive characteristic of hybrid cars is that they are remarkably economical as far as fuel is concerned. As we all know, the price of gasoline has been going up from day to day causing it to become a valuable commodity everywhere. Every time there is an announcement of its price rising, audible groan can be heard anywhere. This raise in price is also often followed by gasoline scarcity in some parts of the country to make matters worse.

With little consumption of gasoline, a hybrid car is once again an answer to people’s anxiety of gasoline being costly and rare. If you think that you have to keep recharging your hybrid car every so often, you should be better-informed: a hybrid car does not have to be charged externally, thanks to its kinetic energy technology. It gains energy from regenerative braking which means – to create electric power – it makes use of its combustion engine. This engine works by spinning a generator, and in turns, it makes it possible for the generator to recharge the battery, and finally the battery provides energy to the motor. These two remarkably distinctive characteristics make hybrid cars a very sensible solution for environment and economy.

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