New Hybrid Cars

Hybrid technology came into light at the end of the nineties and it was only the beginning. Now, it has been more than two decades since the first generation was launched to the market. Surely there has been so much improvement that has been done during its twenty-two years of journey. Being one of the most popular vehicles known as environment friendly automobile, Hybrid Cars are inevitably the solution to the raising price and the scarcity of gasoline as fossil fuel. Improvement in engine and model has been unstoppable, and of course this is good news for customers.

Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z

Despite its high cost of initial purchase and maintenance, a hybrid car has a special room in customers’ heart especially those who care about the nature and want to do something to preserve its beauty.

As we know, the leading countries of automotive producers are America, Europe, Japan, and Korea. With their high technology, they work hard to produce cars that are clean in emission since gas emitted by vehicles contribute to air pollution and even in the long run it may contribute to acid rain if the pollution is not reduced from now on. Now in the second decade after their first launch, Hybrid Cars are growing more popular as people’s awareness of preserving the nature increases.

Cars from the aforementioned countries of course dominate the market. From America, the newest hybrid car is Ford Escape and Ford Fusion. They were released this year, and are going to be released next year in 2012 with some significant improvement. From Europe, there are Lexus with its excellent performance launched this year.
As for Asia, Japan and Korea are two leading automotive producers and surely their products are widely used at home in Asia and even in America and Europe. Japan with its famous car manufacturer definitely has actively participated in the green Earth technology. With Honda technology, Japanese Hybrid Cars come in a variety of model and prices.

Take a look at the interestingly priced Honda Civic and Honda CR-Z which are offered at below twentyish thousand dollars. Japanese carmakers certainly know how to win customers’ heart. While Honda CR-Z and Honda Insight were released this year, Honda Civic which is the most affordable will also be released next year in 2012. As for Korea, Hyunday has Accent as its reliable hybrid car. Further, this Korean car manufacturer also has Avante which was released this year.

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