The Advantages and Distadvantages of Using Hybrid Cars

c its unbeatable reputation of fuel economization and air pollution reducer, surely they have the bright side and the dark side as a man made product. Getting to know both sides will surely help you consider more accurately before you decide to buy a car. Both the advantages and disadvantages of using a hybrid car are going to be discussed below.

The Advantages and Distadvantages of Using Hybrid Cars-Toyota Prius

The Advantages and Distadvantages of Using Hybrid Cars-Toyota Prius

Let’s start with the positive sides or known as the advantages first. To start with there are three major advantages of using a hybrid car. First, it supports green movement to help reduce harmful gases from the air. We can have peace of mind knowing that we have participated in making the Earth a better place to live on. Having a smart combination of electric power and a little gas as the source of energy for the hybrid car to run makes it emit far less pollution and better mileage. Not only do you use very little gas resulting in less pollution, but you also save a considerable amount of money on gas. Second, the source of electric power is not from external source, thanks to the technology of kinetic energy. Instead of recharging the battery from an external source, the power comes from the technology called regenerative braking, in which power is obtained from kinetic energy by way of combustion technology. Third, hybrids offer better mileage with its specially designed engine to last. All the three major advantages can go on and on with the engine and model improvement in the future. At this point, Hybrid Cars are also popular as the future car.

However, as it was mentioned above, apart from the bright side of using a hybrid car, there are some dark sides as well to make us all aware. The first disadvantage is that it is costly being more or less several thousand dollars higher than the conventional gasoline cars. The price gap could range from US$2000 to US$6000. The second disadvantage, which is the most important thing, is that there is the possibility of high voltage exposure risk if a bad accident happens. The third one is that you may find it difficult to get some spare parts since Hybrid Cars are expensive and are not yet owned by very many people. Lastly, although hybrids are excellent in mileage, they are not as fast as the conventional cars.

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