The Best 8 Passenger SUVs

8 passenger SUVs are spacious and comfortable family cars that have made it possible for families and groups of people to travel to any destination in a single vehicle. They also have enough space to fit the passengers’ luggage. However, despite their size, these SUVs are still be stylish and safe so that the entire family can have a remarkable travelling experience.


The 8 seater SUV offers a lot of benefits that other SUV models do not have. Some of them include:

– These SUVs have a lot of space. They are designed to have extra leg room, extra head room and enough space to store luggage.

– They have 8 seats. This is ideal for large families or groups of people that want to travel comfortably in a single car.

– The back seats can be folded. For families that have a lot of luggage, the seats in the third row can be folded to reveal extra cargo space. These vehicles are therefore the best for long distances travelling.

– They are usually very safe. Since they were designed with families in mind, they are extremely safe. These cars have passed every safety test. This means that families can be sure that they will arrive safely when travelling in this vehicle.

– They have a lot of power. This gives them impressive towing capabilities. This can come in handy for families that are going on vacation and that need to tow something large that cannot fit in the car.

– They have excellent gas mileage. This enables the owner to commute to several places throughout the day without worrying about the amount of fuel that they are consuming.

– The 8 seater SUVs have excellent handling capabilities and great off-road ability. Therefore, their owners can travel to remote places that other non-4 wheel drive vehicles would not go. They also offer remarkable stability when driving in bad weather.

– Most of them have lower suspension for easier loading and unloading.


There are many multi-passenger SUVs in the market, and consumers may have a hard time picking the one that is perfect for their needs. 2015 models are very stylish and comfortable. Most manufacturers have tried to make them lighter in order to improve fuel efficiency. They have also added a lot of entertainment features at the back so that the passengers can be entertained during long trips. The following is an outline of the three best 8 seater SUVs in 2015:


Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse

This is one of the most popular multi-passenger SUVs of 2015. It is very comfortable, and it has impressive audio and navigation features. It is also quite cheap to buy and maintain. It has low fuel consumption, which will help the owner to save a lot of money. It has a great engine with an output of about 281 horsepower. It is also one of the safest cars in the market today.


Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

If luxury and prestige is what you are looking for, then the 2015 Ford Expedition is your ideal car. This vehicle has leather and wood interiors, and it has a very spacious cabin. The seats are very comfortable, and the vehicle has a Sony Entertainment System as well as seat heaters. It has a very powerful engine with about 365 hp.




This is a very comfortable SUV with a flexible third row. It has very comfortable leather seats. Its audio system is superb, and it has seat heaters for added comfort. It has a high-end 400 hp engine. It is a very spacious car, and the middle row has enough leg room for adults. It also has parking sensors in the front bumper that warn of impending collisions.


There are many things to consider when purchasing an 8 seater SUV. The 2015 models have a lot of great features, and they are affordable and cheap to maintain. Furthermore, they offer all of the benefits of an SUV, and they are perfect for large families or for people who travel in large groups.


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