The List of Luxury AWD Cars

The List of Luxury AWD CarsThese days the most luxury automobiles are equipped with the technology of advanced AWD or All-Wheel-Drive. Those luxury AWD Cars are still great options for the people among the considerable growth of more affordable SUVs, CUVs and other vehicles. For everyone’s next car buying, there are a few good reasons why he or she should consider buying luxury AWD Cars. The top reasons include the better safety as well as easier handing that are offered by those cars. Furthermore, there is more and more evidence that the ability of luxury AWD Cars is great regardless the inclemency level of weather situations.

In 2011 the list of luxury AWD Cars is actually dominated by Lexus and Lincoln even though other car makers such as Subaru shows its enthusiastic to the AWD or All-Wheel-Drive technology by implementing super advanced version of it into its all car models. It is actually important to note that since 1996 Subaru vehicles that are American made have been featuring AWD as standard.  That is likely the strong reason why Subaru can become the top selling vehicle brand in several parts of the United States that include Alaska. Until today, the die-hard Subaru enthusiasts can be found there.

Lexus LX is one in the top list of luxury AWD Cars for its safety completed features that include the ESC or the Electronic Stability Control. According to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the ESC that is introduced in the AWD cars can prevent about two hundred thousand injuries and can save lives from five thousands to nine thousands. The Lexus LX along with the Lexus RX has high ratings for its long-term reliability. The CR rating for the Lexus LX that is made in Japan is even the highest for its data history of eight of nine year.

The next notorious in our list is the Acura MDX. In terms of product quality as well as the possibility to cause serious issues in luxury AWD Cars, the Acura MDX doesn’t have better history than the Lexus LX. However, for its three of the model years, it gets a much better than average. Lincoln Navigator, Lexus RX350 and Lincoln MKT are other vehicles that are in the list of AWD Cars. 2011 Buick LaCrosse is another member of V-6 engine luxury AWD Cars that often becomes the top of the list of favorable all-wheel-drive cars due to its comfortable cabin and ride.

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