Toyota Rav4 Review



Toyota revealed the fourth era Toyota Rav4. It is now wider, longer, more spacious and has likewise been given a very bold and strong new look taken from the new Auris. Additionally, it has new driving dynamics as part of the Toyota boss Akio Toyoda’s vision to add some excitement and energy into the Japanese company’s vehicles. Toyota is likewise attempting to reinvent a model that began the more diminutive segment of SUVs. Toyota Rav4 has been completely upgraded. It is presently 4570mm long and also 1845mm wide making it 205mm longer and almost 30mm more extensive than its predecessor.

Toyota Rav4 is a great SUV choice. For starters, it stands out amongst most moderate high end SUVs. Since it was launched in 1994, this vehicle has given the chance to those who love SUVs to explore the incredible outdoors in a way they couldn’t even envision before. Here are some of the reasons why Rav4 has been ruling the roost among affordable high-end SUVs.

1. The outstanding safety measures

The all season tires that have been proven to work perfectly even in very hostile climate conditions in addition to Toyota’s special Star Safety System makes it one of the safest automotive to drive. Moreover, extra security augmentations like the rear bumper with its black protector trim and the child safe locks on all entryways were very keen additions. All the safety systems are standard offers in all models of the Rav4 from Toyota.

2. Fuel efficiency

This SUV gives 19 miles for every gallon in the urban driving conditions and approximately 26 miles for every gallon on the highway is extremely fuel efficient. All the driver has to do is fill the fuel tank, and go out and explore the surroundings, keeping all the worries of being stranded without gas or a gas station out of his mind.

3. Power packed

The V6 motor under its hood, with the 5 speed automatic transmission packs more than enough punch to get the driver through unforgiving landforms. The engine posts a torque rating of approximately 247 at 4,700 rotations each minute. The 4-wheel drive that is supported by the 17″ aluminum wheels is more that enough to allow luxurious and silky-smooth driving even in the hostile climatic conditions.

The most basic Rav4 comes fully equipped with the touch screen infotainment framework fitted in vehicle’s center console. The seats are comfortable and bigger in order to allow a lower driving position. The capacity of the boot has expanded from 137 liters to 547 liters because of the maverick wheelbase. An additional 100 liters is covered up under the boot floor. The trim levels in the new Rav4 have a choice of both all-wheel drive and front wheel drive options. The most amazing dynamic advancement is the “Sport” mode for the all-wheel drive options. The Sport mode additionally modifies the throttle reaction and steering feel.

The base motor engine is a 2.0 liter diesel engine with 122horse power, provided with a stop-start six speed manual transmission. The emission of CO2 will remain at 127g/km. The 2.2 liter diesel engine gives 148bhp will be offered with either a 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic gearboxes. The petrol choice for the Toyota Rav4 is just one which is the 2.0 liter petrol engine that delivers 149bhp and is fitted with the CVT gearbox.

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