What you need to know about the Toyota Innova and Toyota Kijang Innova

Travelling with your family and friends is an activity that many love to engage in. Before starting the journey there are several things to consider such as how many will be travelling and what the cost of fuel is. Below is a review of Toyota Innova and Toyota Kijang Innova.

Toyota InnovaToyota Innova

The Toyota Innova comes equipped with a 2 liter Variable Valve timing with intelligence engine that is capable of producing 182 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. The Variable valve timing with intelligence gives the car the ability to balance power and fuel which makes it economical to drive. Due to the car ability to emit low emissions, you don’t have to worry about polluting the air. The front wheel suspensions are shaped like a double wishbone and have coil springs and stabilizers which provide better steering control for the driver. The four link rear suspensions has coil springs and lateral rods which ensure that a driver makes corners safer while on the other hand providing a comfortable ride for the passengers. In the interior it has a cd player and 6 speakers for entertainment, multi information display to show various data and can carry eight passengers comfortably. It has useful features such as air condition system, sunglass holder with lamp map and luggage tray. It has safety features such as ABS brakes, impact absorbing body, dual airbags, collapsible steering column, alarm and reverse sensors for parking safely. It retails at RM 97,749 in Malaysia.

Kijang InnovaToyota Kijang Innova

The Toyota Kijang Innova comes in two engine variations, the 2 liter 16 valve with variable valve timing with intelligence engine that consumes petrol and the 2.5 liter D4 D common rail with variable nozzle turbo engine that consumes diesel. It is fuel efficient because of the variable valve timing with intelligence technology installed in the engine. It has several safety features such as dual air bags for the driver and passenger, side impact beams installed in the door panels to reduce impact in case of collision on the sides and collapsible steering column among others. It has other accessories such as rear roof spoiler, front bumper spoilers, cover mirror painted with turning signal lamp, chrome door housing for door locks, back door garnish panel, rear bumper step cover, side skirts, cargo mesh for holding luggage and luggage tray for protecting luggage from moving around. As a family car, it has a capacity of 7 passengers who can get to enjoy the rear 8 inch video entertainment system while on the road. The new front fog lamps help in navigating well through the mist and also informing other oncoming drivers of an approaching vehicle. It retails at Rp. 219,950,000 in Jakarta, Indonesia.



In conclusion, the Toyota Innova and the Toyota Kijang Innova are great investments for families and friends alike. They are fuel efficient, have large capacities for passengers, have the best entertainment system, come in different engine variations, they are affordable to maintain and are safe to travel in.

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